What about delight?

delight is the traditional cms focused and aimed in timeless actions regarding publishing and manipulating your content. It works with a light mysqli/pdo database or no database at all if your server won`t support it. And it`s fully responsive to any screen and device.

Being closed source, but not limited to contribution, delight is a rising and glowing fast content management system since 2011, serving a considerable number of websites and web applications aroung the network.

What delight brings to the table?

Freshness, easy to maintain. delight is a fast & robust responsive php and jquery powered content management system easy to use and easily scalable for large content / article management.

What are main features of delight?

It works on every device, mobile, tablet, desktop, even HDTV.

It handles limitless records of articles, categories, users, and statistics.

It is nice and tireless for the eyes - easy to find and benefit from it`s features.

It loads pretty quick and consumes pretty less data.

It records all kind of staticstics using no third party service.

It uses the latest compression algorythms for the fasted served websites.

Interested in the development and/or usage of this amazing platform?

I am more than happy to hear from you. Send me an email and lets talk about it!